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Our Ministries: About


The ministries we operate on a weekly basics reflect the nature and vision of our church.

  • It is our intention and purpose to welcome indivduals from all walks of life. We aim to offer a warm welcoming atmosphere and through each and every ministry in the People's church. 

  • Family life is a priority in our church and it is our firm conviction that, as family in Christ we all matter, whether single or married. Each of us have a unique and significant purpose, that contibutes to and enhances our life and purpose as a family.  Youth and children's ministry operate on a weekly basis.

  • We believe in the power of his word to impact, equip, change and it is through this medium that we minister and empower. 

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Monday's via Zoom  
@ 7pm (45 minutes)


"The Word of God is "a lamp unto our feet".

Every Monday we meet via Zoom, with Pastor Siân Fitzgerald,  to study God's word and grow together, while applying the Word in a simple and practical way. Our Ladies' Bible study group offers an open and functional approach to reading, understanding and applying the Word of God. 

Young People at a Workshop


Thursday via Zoom @8pm


We have a lively, active group of young adults from a variety of backgrounds and cultures that enjoy meeting  together to study, discuss and grow in their walk with God. Hosted by Pastor Sam Peters & Pastor Patrick Fitzgerald this is a fun and welcoming group and we'd love you to join us!!


Fridays via Zoom @7pm 


As men of God we recognise the challenges that faces each of us every day.  The aim of this group is to equip, embrace and impart the life giving power of God's word in our everyday lives. Hosted by Pastor Pat Fitzgerald, with guest speakers regularly, we invite you to join us as we journey through life  together. 



Tuesday @ 7pm


We have always regarded our weekly prayer meeting as the 'Hub' of the Church.


We recognise that prayer is not  simply a 'ritual' but a gift, through which we can reach out to God and, quite simply, fellowship with Him.  


We gather every Tuesday (via Zoom during Covid restrictions) to pray. 

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As a youth group we decided that we would come up with a name for the youth ministry. We choose AYG. It stands for Aspiring Young Generation. It also stands for Apostolic Youth Group.


We have a dynamic youth group which consists of individuals from many nations. Our focus is to foster an environment which facilitates their passion for Jesus, growth and maturity. 

Our youth group are an active, involved and vital part of our Church family. 

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Children’s ministry has always played an important part in the Peoples Church Dublin. The children’s church is run in conjunction with the Sunday Morning service. It includes children’s worship, Bible study,
interaction and activities. Once a month on a Saturday afternoon the children enjoy fellowship together, in a variety of ways, including outings and fun days.

Creché: Under 4 years
Children Ministry: 5-10 years

Preteens: 11-13 years

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