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Our Ministries: About


The ministries we operate on a weekly basics reflect the nature and vision of our church.

  • It is our intention and purpose to welcome indivduals from all walks of life. We aim to offer a warm welcoming atmosphere and through each and every ministry in the People's church. 

  • Family life is a priority in our church and it is our firm conviction that, as family in Christ we all matter, whether single or married. Each of us have a unique and significant purpose, that contibutes to and enhances our life and purpose as a family.  Youth and children's ministry operate on a weekly basis.

  • We believe in the power of his word to impact, equip, change and it is through this medium that we minister and empower. 


Monday's via Zoom  @ 7pm  "The Word of God is "a lamp unto our feet". ​Every Monday we meet via Zoom, with Pastor Siân Fitzgerald,  to study God's word and grow together, while applying the Word in a simple and practical way. Our Ladies' Bible study group offers an open and functional approach to reading, understanding and applying the Word of God. 


Once a month the men join together mohave some fellowship and food as a community!  It is a great way for people to stay connected with the church and to spend time with one another!Everyone is welcome always!!

Prayer Meetings

Every Tuesday we have a zoom prayer meeting @7:30 pm!! It's a time where we sit and pray as a community! We also have a prayer time every Sunday before our service! If you are interested in getting involved in any way with these meetings then click the link down below!

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